Shilpa H B, M B Nirmala


In this paper, discussing a target tracking scheme based on prediction method using Mobile Tracker in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Localization is playing a huge role in the field of application of WSN. If the exact location is not known, the interaction seems to be useless, if to whom the interaction should be done or from whom fetching the data or information are not known. So mobile target localization and tracking are needed research issues in WSN. The interaction between sensor nodes are considered in order to fetch the location information of the nodes. Tracking in WSN has wide variety of applications in surveillance of battlefield reconnaissance, intruder detection, habitat monitoring and investigations etc. It is important to save energy during tracking, as the sensor nodes are resource constrained. So proposing a mobile target tracking scheme based on prediction of faces called the PF-Tracking which aims to provide higher quality in tracking with higher energy efficiency. PF-Tracking has mobile node called Tracker which is a sink node responsible for tracking the mobile target. The algorithms are proposed to find like the location of target, face detection, face prediction and the exchange of information between the Tracker and the monitor.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Localization, Surveillance, Energy Efficiency, Quality of Tracking.


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